The US Senate today considered a measure which would raise the minimum raise. Only there is a catch, in order for 14.9 million Americans to get a raise, rich Americans would not have to pay taxes on their inheritence and America would plunge further into debt, then as if this wasn’t bad enough Republicans went to work trying to bribe the waivering dems with “pork” projects for their districts. Ironic, since Republicans are constantly trying to convince Americans that “pork” projects are bad and corrupt. Luckily, activists groups like ACORN and union memebers like SEIU and HERE, went to work in these languishing democrats’ districts.

And guess what…..most of them listened. Now, let’s look at the Dems that we need to take out….

Lincoln (D-AR)
Nelson (D-FL) – His state passed mim wage by 71% of popular vote
Nelson (D-NE)
Byrd (D – WV)

But, all is not lost because where we have villians, we also have heros. So, while this may be the only time I ever do this….hats off to the following Republicans for standing up to their party and defending the interest of the working poor.

Chafee (R-RI)
Vonivich (R-OH)

I hope you weren’t expecting a long list, just be glad we have a list.

Okay, this post is coming to an end and here is the lesson. America don’t be fooled, Republicans will try to spin this issue to their advanatage, but the truth is this vote was not about giving Americans a Raise, it was a cheap political ploy to neturalize the strength of this issue to bring out voters in November. They know if voters stay home, they win.

Make their worst dream come true…..VOTE.