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In Search of True Character

In the last few weeks, I have contemplated the aspect of character. What is it? Who has it? How do you know if it lies within you?

While there are many situations which reveal a persons charater, none as much as when faced with a obsticle. So, let’s consider some basic situations.

1. You are shopping with your teenage cousin. You have just left the store when you look in the bag and realize that there is some merchandise in the bag you did not pay for. What do you do?

a. Take it back to the store and apologize for the misunderstanding.
b. Put the merchandise back in the bag and go home chalking it up to lucky break.

2. You are accused of lying by your boss. Even though you were honest, your boss has some strong circumstantial evidence to prove his position. The president of the company has scheduled a time for you all both to come in to prove your posisiton. Your family suggest that you just forget it and move back home, as a new job in your field is opening up. What do you do?

a. Back your bags, take the new job and forget the incident ever happend.
b. Gather your evidence and present your position to your boss.

At the end of the day, I want to be the person who lives honestly and fights the fights that they faint of heart will not defend.


Strategy for Obama

Okay, so it is clear the Barack Obama is the rising star in the Democratic Party. The freshman Senator has made his rounds on the Democratic speaking circle this cycle and seems to be in more demand than prolific party leader Howard Dean. In fact, many DC insiders are discussing a presidential run for the young Chicago Senator. So, let’s ask the big question….

can he win?????<blockquote>

The fact is it is hard to say. A lot of it depends on the strengths of the Dems after the November 2006 elections. Here is what I hope…I want the Dems to come close the taking back the house but miss the mark by 2-3 seats. It is necessary for the Dems to demonstrate some gains, but they are not yet ready to move into leadership. This will keep donors at the table and Dems in power hungry for 2008.

Now let’s assume that we are not ready for Obama to be president (nor is he ready) but we like him and want to see him in leadership. So the Obama Strategy is clear, start an exploratory committee, raise some money and decide who would make the best president to his vice. HMMMM???

So let’s fast forward. Who should we support to bring home the White House and the Congress to the Democrats? The field is ever changing, but let’s just deal with the stand outs. We got Hillary Clinton, John Warner, John Edwards and a throwback, Al Gore.

Hillary? No, America is not that progressive. It would be great to break one barrier for race or gender but both is ambitious. Plus, two people with ties to Chicago, probably would not fly. So if Hillary gets the nod, Obama is in the backseat.

Edwards? The good news is that I like him a lot. I think he is great and would be good for America. The bad news is that I am almost by myself in this thinking. Also, he would be terrible for Obama, as their combined inexperience in governing would be a huge weakness.

Gore? Again, I love this man. I always have. I couldn’t be more thrilled at his ability to keep himself relevant in the political landscape. His work on Global Warming demonstates his ability to problem solve creatively and that he has heart. One problem, he is six years too late. Assuming he would subjected himself to the race again, he would not win.

So, that leaves us with the obvious choice…Warner. First, Warner is from the south. Not that he will carry the south but America likes Southern sensibilities. He is appropriately moderate and appeals to a swing constituency. Second, the Warner-Obama team could be unstoppable and have the right mix to cross the widest number of constituency, which will be needed to beat the McCain-?????? mix.