If you are reading this article, then likely that you have accepted the fact that you need to hire a consultant.  Now the big question, WHO?

The world of consulting can sometimes feel like a black hole.  The field is vast, covers every conceivable area and largely unstructured.  As a small business owner, you don’t have time (or inclination) to wade through this mountian of resources and infomation.  You need usable solutions now to problems you have today, not theories and conjecture about what “might” work or increase your revenue. Here are 5 questions to ask when engaging an consultant.

  1. Does the consultant have experience working with small business similar to yours either in size, industry or specific issue?
  2. Will the consultant provide realistic solutions that can be achieved in the budget and time allotted?
  3. Do you have a clear understanding of the deliverables to be provided by the consultant?
  4. Does the consultant communicate clearly and listen to your needs or concerns?
  5. Is the consultant providing services that will make your business, and by extension, your life easier?

If you can answer YES  to all of the above questions, then congratulation you have found the “right” consultant for your business.  If you answer no, to even one of these questions, then you should get more information or move on to the next potential consultant.